Sonanz was founded by Andreas Nilsson and Nina Freudenberg in 2015. It is a fund manager with a thematic focus on Essential Sectors in Growth Markets in Africa, Asia and Latin America: EcoTech, sustainable food & agriculture, financial services and affordable healthcare.

Sonanz manages an impact private equity fund-of-funds focused on growth equity in Asia, Africa and Latin America. The fund was launched in 2017 with committed capital of $10 million from Swedish pension fund SEB Stiftelsen, H&M Foundation and a group of German and Swedish private investors. The capital has been committed to five portfolio funds and the fund will not make any further investments.

In March 2021, the entire team joined Golding Capital Partners to help build an impact pillar at Golding. Sonanz is not planning to launch any new investment vehicles. For more information please visit Golding Capital Partners.